At Forever Fit, we take a holistic, mind-body approach to helping our patients lose weight and meet their health goals. Every patient who begins their individualized program with us receives a comprehensive, 4-part assessment, which includes:

  • An appointment with our partner physician, who specializes in weight management. This helps to determine whether there are medical conditions that are influencing the patient’s weight, as well as provide medical clearance for the patient to begin their exercise program.
  • An appointment with our psychologist to assess whether mental difficulties are influencing weight.
  • An appointment with our dietitian to determine which dietary habits have been problematic in the past, and how best to incorporate healthy, delicious foods into a dietary plan going forward.
  • An appointment with our exercise physiologist to determine fitness activities that the patient will enjoy, as well as gauge the patient’s initial fitness level.

The result of this comprehensive assessment is an individualized Pathway to long-term health and fitness. This roadmap will be used by the Forever Fit staff to guide the patient to a happier, healthier life in their time with Forever Fit.

The Pathway


If you have insurance there is no out of pocket costs to you until the end of the year.

  • Weekly visits with the dietician
  • Weekly visits with the exercise physiologist
  • Access to exercise classes, yoga, kick boxing, etc.

*If you have Medicare or Medicaid there is no cost to you. The cost is $100 per month for insurance patients.

Services We Provide

Free Classes

Our exercise physiologist works with you to develop a fitness routine that is realistic, enjoyable, and effective.

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Pathway to Fitness

Our exercise physiologist works with you to develop a fitness routine that is realistic, enjoyable, and effective. Think yoga instead of P90X. Hiking in nature instead of high-impact boot camps.

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Pathway to Support

Imagine stepping into a community that provides support rather than judgment. Forever Fit group sessions provide a place to connect with other people who are finding their own pathways to lifelong health.

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Pathway to Nutrition

Our registered dietitian works with you to establish guidelines for a nutritious eating plan filled with delicious, healthy food. Learn to eat better to simply live better. Forever Fit will help guide you.

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Pathway to Personal Discovery

Our life coach will help you discover and manage mental and emotional connections to food halting you from meeting your health goals.

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