Why do fast fix weight loss programs fail?

Like almost every other American woman, I have tried my share of fad diets.  The few that come to mind are the cabbage soup diet, the Zone diet, fasting, and the Paleo diet.  What fad diets are on your list?  While I don’t know your particular list, I can guess on thing about it: your fad diets, like my fad diets, were not maintainable over time.  Seriously, no one can eat only cabbage soup for their entire life!

Fad diets are tempting.  We hear so many exciting stories about how they work.  “I lost 14 pounds in 14 days on Nutrisystem!” they tout.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of result?  So those of us hopeful to lose weight open our minds and our wallets and embark on the journey.  We tell ourselves that we can suffer for a few weeks or months to reach our goals.

Many of us can successfully lose weight.  We drop 15 to 20 pounds by starving ourselves, thinking we are making a temporary sacrifice for a long term benefit.  And then it starts, a tiny bit at a time, the weight regain.  When we can no longer stand cabbage soup or can no longer afford Jenny Craig, our previous eating habits creep back in and with them the pounds we lost.

So all of that sacrifice ends up being for naught.  Here’s the worse news: not only are you likely to regain weight lost on fad diets, you are likely to gain more weight than you lost, and weight loss will be more difficult in the future.  When we lose weight with diets that can’t be maintained, we damage our metabolisms, causing weight gain and more difficult weight loss in the future.

I know, this sounds so depressing!  Don’t despair, my friend!  There is a way off this roller coaster.  Long term weight loss can be achieved with healthy, sensible eating.  Losing weight in a reasonable way is less challenging on a day to day basis; think fresh fruit and an omelet for breakfast rather than a cup of nothing!  It may take a bit longer, but your mama probably told you that nothing worth having comes without effort.

At Forever Fit, we will show you how healthy eating can be delicious and can move you down the path toward a healthy forever.