Realistic Resolutions That Will Stick With You Forever

Making New Year resolutions is a good exercise. It gives you new milestones to meet and the accompanying euphoria makes it worth the effort. But lately, New Year Resolutions have become more of a fad than milestones.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, half of the American population makes New Year Resolutions. The number one resolution is to lose weight. Only 8% of them succeed. That is a discouraging statistic, but it also evokes curiosity as to why so many people fail to keep up. Most people set themselves unrealistic goals. Here is how you can make a New Year resolution to lose weight and stick with it too.


Find the Reasons

There is something or someone that makes people aspire to lose weight. It is either their deteriorating health, the will to be a better role model for their children, a friend who just got fitter, an event they have to attend, or something else. It is crucial for them to identify the specific thing that made them want to lose weight. Distilling that reason or reasons will help them successfully ward off urges, cravings, and stay on course.


Never Starve

Following a balanced diet is a vital part of any successful weight loss program. However, in the bid to lose weight, people reach a point where they start starving themselves. Not only is this strategy unhealthy, but also unsustainable. Reducing calorie intake substantially can often help people lose weight, but it also reduces their lean muscle mass. Ironically, the participants of the study gained all the weight back within 8 years. Starvation might give immediate results, but it is one of the primary reasons why people are not able to stick to their weight loss resolution. No one can starve forever. Sooner or later, the hunger and the cravings overpower your will.


Kitchen Reboot

When people are on a diet, the most basic of foods can evoke a craving. Butter on a warm toast, some instant noodles, or a pack of munchies is all that takes to break a resolution. They say ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and it couldn’t be more befitting to weight loss. People need to empty their kitchen cabinets of all the fattening foods, and stock healthy snacks, fruits, and fresh vegetables. It will get easier to commit to weight loss.


Change the Lifestyle

People who complete their resolutions look at their fitness journey as a lifestyle change. It is not a hobby that they picked up for the next six months, but a life-long journey that will make them happier, healthier, and more satisfied with themselves.


Every individual has a personal weight loss journey that is different from the others. This journey depends on their metabolism and their grit. Of course, professional help from a certified dietician or a weight loss clinic can help accelerate the process. So, if you are committed to fulfilling your upcoming New Year Resolutions, then make sure that you keep it simple and realistic. The euphoria when you finally achieve your resolution will be worth all the effort.