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Our Approach

When we think differently, we live differently.

To achieve long-term weight loss, patients must think differently about food and their health.

Putting lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise, into place without changing our thoughts about our own health will almost always lead to failure. This is simply because our thoughts are the driver of our behavior. We make unhealthy food choices because we think of food as pleasure, rather than nutrition.

Learning to think differently about food is difficult, but powerful.

At Forever Fit, we lead patients down the path to health in both mind and body, offering compassionate guidance and support along the way.


The Problem

As we’re all aware, weight problems are pervasive in our society—currently, approximately 70% of American adults are overweight.  

We believe this is because our human bodies are not made for the food-abundant environment we live in today. For many thousands of years, humans lived on this earth with barely enough food to survive.

Our bodies are perfectly adapted for food scarcity.

For example, we have a strong drive for food, which is what forced ancient humans to leave the safety of their shelters and search for plants and animals to eat. We have the ability to store energy in our bodies, which helped us live through long winters and famines.

Now we no longer need those evolutionary adaptations—yet there is no “off” switch to the strong drive for food or the ability to store energy. Food is available everywhere we go, the quality of it is poor, and the price is cheap. It’s no surprise that we are struggling with weight.  We are living in an environment that we are not made for.

Forever Fit addresses this problem head-on by teaching patients strategies that will help them better adapt their minds and bodies to stay healthy in the food-rich environment we live in today.

Patients need to think differently about food and use ongoing strategies throughout their lives to maintain healthy bodies.We have a well developed path towards health that will allow patients to live healthy, longer, happier lives.


Our Philosophy

Forever Fit offers a pathway to a healthy you.

Our goal is to help you achieve lasting peace and happiness by giving you strategies to develop and maintain a healthier body and mind.

We know that most weight loss programs fail. 

The reason for this is simple. People who want to lose weight generally do so by taking extreme measures that they cannot maintain. When they discontinue those extreme measures, they regain the weight they had lost.

A temporary solution equals temporary weight loss.

To further compound the problem, the stopping and starting of diets and exercise programs can damage our metabolism, causing our bodies to hold on to weight.

Forever Fit offers a holistic, judgment-free alternative to typical weight-loss clinics and programs. We do not believe that most people’s weight problems are due to “an addiction to food.” Rather, we think that our bodies were simply never meant to have so much food available to us—and while our environment has changed drastically, our brains have not.

Let us show you how to change the way you perceive food, how to implement a reasonable exercise program you can stick to, and how to appreciate your body in all of its true beauty.


Our Promise

Your total health and ongoing fitness is our single goal and priority. We are here to illuminate your pathway toward lifelong health.

All of our clinicians are licensed professionals. We are doctors, counselors, dietitians, and exercise physiologists. We will gladly bill your health insurance for the parts of your comprehensive health plan that are covered.  

We are not salespeople. We do not sell supplements, physical training sessions, exercise equipment, or engage in any other kind of “upselling” that many other weight loss clinics do. We want to help you achieve lasting, lifelong health—and the real key to that is found within you, not in a gym or inside a bottle of vitamins.

Our Team

Dr. Michelle Rinella

Licensed Psychologist

Comprehensive Psychological Services

Dr. Michelle Rinella earned her doctorate from the American Professional School of Psychology in 2010. She focused her doctoral study on obesity. She has conducted over 1,000 evaluations to determine if mental health problems could impact future weight loss.

Dr. Rinella has been in private practice since 2011.


Licensed Counselor LPC

Cindy McCartney is a Licensed Practicing Counselor who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology from The State University of New York at Brockport. She traveled to Texas and received her Masters in Counseling from the University of North Texas. Cindy has been working as a therapist for the past 10 years. Cindy firmly believes wellness is a state of being.

Nicole RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

Nicole Hinckley is a registered and licensed dietitian whose mission is to change the lives of her patients by helping them become a healthier, happier, and more confident version of themselves. Nicole believes in a positive and encouraging environment, working with clients to meet each of their individual needs. Nicole's mission is to use her extensive knowledge to help each of her patients lose and keep off the weight.


Exercise Physiologist

Sofia Villarreal is an Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Kinesiology from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX. Sofia has worked closely with a variety of patients who have incorporated fitness in their lifestyles in order to improve their health. She has gained experience in her field by working in Cardiac Rehab. Sofia has always had a passion for fitness and is a firm believer in the benefits of exercise in a healthy lifestyle.


Front Desk Supervisor


Practice Administrator

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